christmas menu 2015

Front page ownersThe George Inn country pub and restaurant is set in a small village called Cwmtwrch in the picturesque Welsh Valleys, approximately fifteen miles north of Swansea.

The inn is built on the boundary between the old counties of Breconshire and Carmarthenshire. At one time, the licensing hours were different in each county, and it is said that when the landlord called “Time gentlemen please” at one bar, the clientèle would simply stagger a few yards across the county border to a bar in another part of the inn, where the licensing hours were longer!

The restaurant has a traditional style coupled with a unique sense of bespoke home cooking. It is now owned by Rob, Jayne and family, who have been at the restaurant since 2010, and have already achieved the highest possible accommodation of hygiene at 5-star rating! The George Inn offers you the best service and highest quality whilst remaining fairly priced.

To meet the chef  click here


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